Resources for New BB Players

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Post by jeremy » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:15 am

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Resources for New BB Players

Post by Lucyth » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:28 pm

Blood Bowl Rulebook (LRB 6.0, also called CRP)
- Essential to learn and play the game.

DorkaMorka Blood Bowl Manager Website
- This is the website where our fixed league (DorkaMorka Blood Bowl League) and our open play league schedules, reports, and tracks games.

- Creators of Blood Bowl. They sell the official miniature line, but there are many alternative minis out there. They also have stopped supporting the game, which led to the creation of the semi-official Blood Bowl Rules Committee, consisting of Game Designer Jervis Johnson and four other big names in Blood Bowl. The BBRC has been the driving force behind rules updates and support. However, GW still retains all rights and privileges.

Three Die Block Podcast
- A great podcast for n00bs and vets alike. Strongly recommended for anyone contemplating starting a team. Friendly and informative!

Zlurpcast Podcast
- An alternative podcast full of mischief and craziness. They also talk about Blood Bowl.

Tackle Zone Radio Podcast
- Another BB podcast. They are still working out a regular schedule though.

Blood Bowl Websites
Talk Fantasy Football
- Great site for BB discussion, pointers, rules clarifications, etc. Two of the members of the Blood Bowl Rules Committee frequent this site, so it's definitely got some authority to it.

The Nuffle Amorical Football Website
- Commonly called The NAF, this is a website for BB players worldwide and is the best place to go for big tournament announcements and such. Also if you pay the $10 fee for membership, you get three block dice.

Non-GW Blood Bowl Miniature Manufacturers
Impact! Miniatures
- A great site that produces miniatures for fantasy football games like BB. They also are the creators of Elfball. Tom Anders, the BB godfather, is one of the co-founders of Impact.

Roll Jordan Miniatures
- Another great place to pick up non-GW miniatures

Gaspez Arts
- Some of our players swear by these miniatures. Thunderjaw.

Neomics Minis
- More BB Goodies.

Shadoforge Miniatures
- A miniatures company dedicated to making female minis. Most all Blood Bowl teams are made by Shadowforge. And in the case of the dwarfettes, that's not a good thing.

Goblin Forge
- If this guy produced more models faster, and in larger quantities, we'd all be scrambling to give him all our monies.

Blood Bowl People to Know Here at DorkaMorka
- Current mouthpiece of the DMBBL and ALSO the current Commissioner. PM him with any questions pertaining to the fixed league.

- BB website admin, former DMBBL Commissioner, and general BB whore. PM him with any questions about the DMBBL website, scheduling open play games, help getting started with BB, and any general BB questions.