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Postby Lucyth » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:02 pm

I didn't see any other thread discussing this, so I just wanted to post up a few thoughts on Games Workshop:

(TL:DR - GW is doing crazy awesome things. I mean, REALLY awesome things.)

Seriously, GW. What the actual fuck? For years, you created a perfect storm of nerd rage and cum splattered rules books and models. Always poking the bear that is your customer base; fucking with them just to see those apoplectic nerds bitch and whine. You were like an abusive, but criminally clever, father to your fans. You'd play the favorite child with codexes, game lines, and paint schemes. Elevate one and talk about how awesome it was, while neglecting the others, or even actively fucking with them to make them worse. It created a great rift between yourself and the gamers as well as within the gaming community itself. You took our favorite toys and hid them from us. And when we finally were getting over the loss, you'd string up the corpse of our teddy bear over our Thunderhawk shaped beds.

Bottom line is, you played the pimp-daddy mind games so well, GW. You fucked with our shit, but you knew we'd always come back for more. It got you off. Admit it.

So what the fuck is this shit that you're doing now?

BLOOD BOWL? AGE OF SIGMAR? COMMUNITY FORUMS??? Next you're going to tell me that you're going to lean heavily on active playtesting by community leaders when you write out the rules for 8th ed. 40k... wait, what? WHAT?

Listen. Your miniatures are amazeballs these days. Most other miniatures companies can't even touch the golden throne you sit on. No one is going to argue that point. But with all these things I'm seeing... All the things I'm hearing... You're making me FEEL again. Do you know that? Feelings like, Maybe you did change. Feelings like, Maybe you do care. Feelings like, Maybe it's possible to be a great miniatures company, a strong community, AND a good rules writer

My mind is so fucked about what you are doing, GW. It's like... you're doing all the things opposite to what I've come to expect. It's like how V in V for Vendetta tortured that lady inside his own house just to prove a point.

I had thought that I was slowly phasing out the GW games in my life. It was easy when you were such a shiteating british version of uncle moneybags gone wrong. Now... I feel.... hopeful. That maybe, GW will enter into a new golden era, and I can participate in that magical world I first entered as a child.

And that's the worst fucking thing you could've done to me.

Now, you need to fucking back up your talk about your seemingly new ways. Or else one of us will have to die. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

I have. And until recently, GW was that devil.

These days. I'm not so sure.
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Postby NobleSavage » Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:39 am

That was a sweet-hot, spicy tirade. Well-crafted, sir!

I liked this line:

And when we finally were getting over the loss, you'd string up the corpse of our teddy bear over our Thunderhawk shaped beds.

I asked Jen to get me a Thunderhawk-shaped bed for Christmas. She said she'd "look into it."

Maybe she was only humoring me though, and counting on me forgetting all about it by Christmas.

Which, nuh-uh, I won't.
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Postby SRM » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:13 pm

It goes to show you that changing to a CEO who actually gives a shit about the hobby, firing the old management, hiring new folks to fill those positions, and then going out and hiring teams specifically for community outreach and also contributing to the greater gaming community by attending events like Adepticon and NOVA can really change the public perception of a company. Giving people exactly what they want (Deathwatch, Bloodbowl, Genestealer Cults, White Dwarf that's actually worth reading) has also helped a ton.

They've got a lot to make up for, but the past year has signaled a great return to form for the company, and I think next year's gonna be even better.
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Postby Thunderjaw » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:43 pm

Dunno... too soon. Right now GW is the crazy chick that you had good times with but she ended up being crazy. Now she's in a normal spell and you're thinking that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't as bad as you remember. Let's look crazy in the eye a bit.

1. Age of Sigmar. I have no idea how this can be listed as a positive point. Leave the actual quality of the game out. It was still a massive fuck you to the WFB committee. One that came right after they built the end times and got everyone to buy in. It's the ultimate cock tease, except this crazy chick didn't just blue ball you. She chopped little Peter Dinklage's head off faster than even George R. R. Martin could.

2. Blood Bowl. It's cool. The models are awesome. Except it's a string along from a money perspective. Want the box set? Awesome. Want a full team? Buy more. Want rules for more teams? Spend time and money on seasons. Expect years of team releases to keep the excitement and the cash flow alive. None of this is unexpected, but it also shouldn't be completely ignored like an email from Hillary Clinton.

3. Confusion. It hasn't suddenly gotten easier to make an army. It's still a spaghetti of codexes, sub codexes, sub sub codexes, campaign books, alternate rule sets, and data slates. Figuring out what's legal is exhausting and you're pretty much at the mercy of your opponent from a legality standpoint unless you want to engage in a ton of rules reading and buying.

4. Community - where are the forums exactly? All I see are blog posts and theoretically, a Facebook page, but I haven't literally seen that as it would require me to actually check Facebook. Admittedly ones that seem to actually announce things that are coming soon at least, which is a positive change.

So, not trying to rain on the parade and dampen the enthusiasm, but keep in mind that this crazy chick might not have changed at all. Just because she's doing the required minimum for public occasions doesn't mean she's not going to go Barber of Seville once you're alone and expecting some "quality time".
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