I sure do talk about Warhammer a lot don't I

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I sure do talk about Warhammer a lot don't I

Postby SRM » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:25 pm

Yeah, I don't stop talking about this stupid game of chainsaw spacemen in the far future, but what if you could hear me talk about it... at home?

Well have I got the hot URLs for you! First off is my Youtube channel, Camhammer, where I talk all serious about warhams and the things I love about them. I post a new video every two weeks, and I do game reviews, event reports, army overviews, and more to come:

Here's a recent video I did about a huge megabattle in Philadelphia:

I also am cohost of the 40k Badcast, where we're bad at 40k, and you can too! This is a 40k podcast where my buddy Dan (not DNA Dan, that other Dan I know with tattoos who plays Warhammer) and I talk 40k and joke about all the silly things that make it. Check it out for bad Ork impressions, dramatic readings of fanfiction, and other dumb stuff to laugh at:

If you want to keep up with all this stuff without coming to Dorka (because why wouldn't you!?) you can join the Facebook page I have set up for this stuff:
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