Malifaux bases

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Malifaux bases

Postby tinfoil » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:05 pm

It's time to start working up some Malifaux stuff! I'm excited: I really like some of the figures.

At first I think I'll stick mainly to the models as Wyrd intended. As I get more comfortable with this game and these models, I'll probably hazard some converting.

In the meantime, I'm giving some thought to how I will be basing my little Mali-men. I'll be playing Neverborn, and probably working up some Ressurectionists as well. For setting, I'm thinking sewers. So pipes, grimy cobblestones slick with vile waters, a general air of victorian decay....

And for a bit more personalization, I'm also drawn to the idea of suggesting victims -- the shreds and husks of fallen foes. Something along the lines of the bases in Secret Weapon's "Corpse Fields" line: Image
(Really nice looking!)

I want to work up my own version of something like that.

So some questions:

1) In general, how do people do Malifaux bases? They're recessed, so do people build up terrain, then glue the figs on?

2) Any good web sites or project logs to recommend on this?

3) I"m trying to decide whether or not to find Wyrd models for my victim corpse bitz . Probably too expensive. But GW stuff, which I do have (e.g., from the WHFB Corpse Cart sprues), will look to thick and big "heroically" proportioned. Any suggestions?
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Re: Malifaux bases

Postby Drool_bucket » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:25 pm

1.) I strictly use secondary market resin bases. In particular DragonForge, but Secret Weapon and plenty of others are out there and are awesome. I did start with Wyrd's inserts, but being metal they were getting expensive, limited in variety and tough to work with.

2.) Wyrd's site along is really strong with modeling content. Just check the appropriate forum. Likewise, Wyrd has a strong CMON following as well, as that's where it all started. Finally, the latest Chronicle (#9) has some neat images for Wyrd's painting competition to check out.

3.) I would look to other secondary market stuff for corpses. In particular I would look at all the numerous Zombies such... But honestly, I love the resin base market so much that additional bits and such become a distant secondary concern for me.

This all said, I am dying to see what you come up... for some reason I feel your Young Nephilim will churn stomachs....
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