League Game Week 1 - Orks vs Dark Angels

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League Game Week 1 - Orks vs Dark Angels

Postby stormboy » Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:27 pm

League Week 1 – Orks vs Dark Angels
Ork list:
Mega boss and 5 Meganobs in a battlewagon
4 Grot tanks (one Kommanda Tank w/ 2 rokkits)
13 Lootas
2x30 shoota blobs
Small mob of 11 shoota boys
Big Mek with KFF
3 Kannons with Slaver and 10 crew
Mega Dread

DA List
Azreal and command squad in rhino
3x10 marine squads in rhinos (they all had various weapon combos – but loads of fluffy plasma)
5 Deathwing Terminators
6 Ravenwing bikes
3 Speeders with missiles
1 Attack bike

We placed objectives and set up our forces, My orks were heavy to the left flank with Lootas, kannons, the Mek and one large mob and the small mob of shootas. My boss and nobs and Grot tanks secured the center and the mega dread and second mob of 30 shootas held the far right. Drew’s bikes, speeders and terminators stayed in reserve and his vindicator and Azreal secured his center and 2 squads in rhinos held his left flank (opposite my megadread and shootas) and one rhino squad held his right objective). During the objective flip it appeared that the abandoned chimera in the ork camp was the main objective (4 points in Drew’s deployment zone). In addition Drew had a 3 and a 2 point in his zone as well, while I held a 3, 2, and 1 in my deployment zone.

Little did the orks know that the rusted out machine still held data scraps that might indicate the location of a chaos operative.
Turn One
The Orks had first turn and after a little movement unloaded everything they could in the dim morning light. After all the dust had cleared, the lootas and kannons had knocked a hull point off one Azreal’s Rhino. The Dark Angels responded by sending the Deathwing Terminators into the teeth of the Orks and tearing the Battlewagon apart from the rear. The Vindicator blasts away at the kannons, causing 7 wounds but the KFF saves all but one grot.
Turn 2
The Orks respond to the Terminators by unleashing everything they can at them. 2 wounds are caused by shoota boys and another by the Mega Dread. The Meganobs charge in and sacrifice 2 orks to finish off the last two terminators. Kannons and Lootas continue to hammer the Vindicator and are able to knock it down to its final hull point.
The Dark Angels call in the Ravenwing, who send the bikes to the Ork corner and Land Speeders land near the Vindicator. Azreal, who has been slowly moving forward in his Rhino, finally disembarks with his eyes set on the lootas next turn. When the firing erupts, the big mob of orks is halved and the small mob of orks takes a few casualties, the KFF in the Squad allows some of the little squad and kannons to weather the storm. A long range plasma cannon blasts a meganob away, the boss kills one of his own nobs to keep the last couple from fleeing.

Turn III
The Lootas, sensing their end, unleash a ferocious volley at the Land Speeders, blasting them out of the sky. The kannons finally finish off the Vindicator. The rest of the turn is the orks making a lot of noise with little result.
Azreal and his monkish kin retaliate by wiping out the large shoota mob in the corner and the lootas. They also manage to destroy a grot tank (The squad has been annoying to this point, but not super effective). Marines are finally on the move, careening across their deployment zone to ensure they are able to secure one of their objectives.

Turn Four
The Grot tanks fail to destroy the Rhino, but are able to stun it. Boss separates from the last meganob and charges the command Rhino, wrecking it utterly (the resulting explosion killing a nearby shoota ork. The remaining orks and kannons blast away a couple command squad marines.

The Marines, sensing the end game, begin moving into position to secure their objectives. Seeing the boss alone, after the Rhino blast, they decide to target him with plasma. After the resulting shooting the Boss has 1 remaining wound and a lot of pent up anger.
Turn 5
Grot tanks finally blow up a rhino and the resulting explosion kills four of the marines inside! The warboss and remaining shoota boys (4 boys and a nob) charge Azreal and his remaining command squad. The boss challenges Azreal and somehow weathers the storm of attacks and with a swing of his power klaw eliminates the thread of the Marine leader. The boys are able to kill all but the apothecary in the resulting close combat.
The remaining Dark Angels secure the objectives and position for the end of the game and the apothecary is finally killed.
Turn six.
The orks attempt to shoot the Dark Angels off their objectives, to no avail. The orks need one more turn of shooting to potentially knock a squad off an objective. But Gork, or possibly Mork, have decided to go fight another battle and the Dark Angels are able to gun down the boss and the game ends.

The Dark Angels have 11 points, to the Orks 8 points.

Overall, the DA benefited from holding the 4 point objective in their deployment zone, but Drew was masterful at keeping the orks at bay. Their was little left to chance as the Dark Angels took advantage of every opportunity. The Orks had a couple chances, but I didn't capitalize. A key killkannon scatter on a group of marines, which would have been devastating to Drew, was just as devastating to me. Not being in position to really counter the bikes also made things difficult for me. The kannons and grot tanks were annoying and eventually whittled down the Vindicator, but should have focused their fire on bikes and marines, where the AP 3 would have been useful. The Megadread just couldn't get into position for most of the game (because of a poor deployment choice). Things to think about for the next battle.

I imagine that my warboss is fine, a bolter round probably just lodged into the pistons and Azreal will dust himself off and get his armor mended and possibly ask the DA codex authors why he doesn't have eternal warrior...
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Re: League Game Week 1 - Orks vs Dark Angels

Postby SRM » Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:11 pm

Nice report Jack! It sounded like you had a really good time when I talked to you after your game on Thursday.
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Re: League Game Week 1 - Orks vs Dark Angels

Postby afeinman » Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:38 am

Great writeup!
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