First Attempt at 7th

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First Attempt at 7th

Postby tucara » Sun May 25, 2014 7:01 pm

Luckily the group I've picked up with in Oxford plays on Sunday evenings so we got a crack at the 7th rules tonight. We played 1000 points to try and get in multiple games, but I still ended up with one, feeling a second was a bit too much for one night.

I played CSM w/ a Tzeentch focus against Dark Angels, rolling for the 'Deadlock' Maelstrom of War mission (first turn 6 obj. cards, second turn 5, etc.). My opponent had Belial with Deathwing and deep-striked everything. I had Ahriman, a lev. 3 Sorcerer, x2 Thousand suns x2 cultists and a unit of terminators. I generated x2 of Ahriman and all three of the Sorcerer's powers from Daemonology.

First off, playing with the objective cards is a ton of fun and really makes it fun to keep playing until the end. For my game, it was clear the mission penalizes you for taking lots of reserve units since every turn they're not on the board, they're not doing something to score you points - especially on Deadlock when you start with 6 of them. I ended winning on turn 6, 10 points to 6, but got nearly completely destroyed.

Second, summoning daemons is fucking hard to do safely. You essentially hit perils every time a non-Daemon uses any of the warp charge 3 powers. I was getting lucky on those rolls so I didn't destroy my units, but another Daemon player that was there ended up with an unlucky perils role and traded his 300 pt Daemon prince for a unit of plaguebearers...

Through all the turns, I ended up summoning a herald, a unit of horrors, a unit of flamers and a unit of screamers which isn't bad considering it as a 1k match. There's a number of things which don't make much sense now that hopefully FAQs will clear up. Ahriman's staff of multiple witchfire is no longer useful, the Tzeentch leadership of 10 on psychic powers is not nearly as powerful and Horrors go to the junk pile since you need to invest 3 warp charge to get the nice 4D6 of flickering fire. I never ended up firing them as I needed the warp charge to keep the summoning going. A unit that starts out w/ > 10 can be given Daemonology which might be fun to explore. Also, I could see near the end of the game, if you've lost your other psykers, a unit of the straggling few pink horrors can suddenly start blasting out 4D6 flickering fire since you've got nothing else to do with your warp charge. Gives you a reason to run and hide a few pink horrors if they get decimated by shooting.

All's fun but the next few weeks are back to Orkz as the new toys start to roll out!
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