1850 Necrons for Battlegrounds Singles Tourney Aug 2nd

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1850 Necrons for Battlegrounds Singles Tourney Aug 2nd

Postby RobPro » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:33 pm

Having a little trouble finding my Necron-groove this edition, so I'm curious what the folks at Dorka think. 7th opened up a lot of options that were neat before but got pretty decent, so here's a crack at a list where I try to avoid Spamming ALL THE THINGS. I'll put some comments on how it operates at the bottom.


Nemesor Zahndrekh
Overlord w/2+, mindshackle scarabs, warscythe, and command barge
Royal Court 1
-4x Harbingers of Destruction
-1x Harbinger of Eternity w/Chronometron
Royal Court 2
-1x Harbinger of the Storm w/lightning field


20x Warriors w/Ghost Ark
5x Immortals w/Nightscythe (Gauss)
7x Immortals (Tesla)
7x Immortals (Tesla)

Fast Attack

9x Scarabs

Heavy Support

3x Tomb Spyder
Anihilation Barge


Aegis Defense Line

The Ghost Ark repairs the warrior blob and the 5 Cryptek unit goes inside. It basically acts as a mobile bunker, jinks every turn, and hopefully a bunch of s8 ap2 shots can do some work to tanks or tough monstery guys. It's also objective secured which could help with maelstrom missions. The other cryptek goes in the airplane with the gauss immortals. I figure I don't really have enough stuff to tankhunt if I come up against 3 knight titans (especially since people think 3 knight titans is no big deal but god forbid I run a lord of war), and somebody with 3 wraithknights could give me trouble as well.

The immortals on the ground try to keep the enemy at 24" and hope to get lucky with tesla potshots which trying to get on objectives in cover. The 20 man blob tries to figure out if it's a good unit or a bad one, it could go either way. Scarabs and spyders do what they did last edition (except now the scarabs score!) and the annihilation barge is still ok at forcing lots of marine/bike units to make saves or taking hull points off light transports.

The bargelord seems really neat, but I don't know if he's enough to fly to the enemy back lines and poke things or if he should focus on protecting my own backfield. There's also some debate about whether the 3++ you could buy the lord affects the barge too (due to the way its worded), so I didn't put that on him but would if it can always affect the command barge itself.

Anybody else here played with or against necrons much? Any thoughts on things to run? Deathmarks could be worth trying too.
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