Malifaux League: Shenlong vs. Perdita (Week 1)

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Malifaux League: Shenlong vs. Perdita (Week 1)

Postby afeinman » Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:17 pm

Jon and I saddled up and rode to the place where Mexican Stereotypes meet Chinese Stereotypes, in this case, a wooded hilly glade.

With the "interference" mission I settled for a higher model count, and wanted to try out all the Monks, making my crew sound a little like a Dr. Seuss book:
* Shenlong (Wandering River Style, Words On The River, Recalled Training)
* Kamaitachi (MVP!)
* Samurai (Favor of Not Shooting Oneself In Ones Foot)
* Katanaka Sniper (aka "Deadshot")
* Monk of High River ("Flamey")
* Monk of Low River ("Flowy")
* Monk of Wandering River ("Blowy")
* Monk of Fermented River ("Drunk")
* Monk of...err, Ten Thunders Brother (Brother Hammer)

Jon's crew was based around combos and pistols and upgrades:
* Perdita (3 upgrades)
* Shackled Nephilim
* Santiago (upgrades)
* Francisco (upgades)
* Nino
* 2 Pistolieros
* Many soulstones

* I revealed both Power Ritual and Protect Territory. With the MWR and Shenlong, plus the 10T I wasn't too worried about having someone able to throw out markers and defend them.

I won the flip and set up spread out, with the Samurai, MFR and MWR on the left apex of the "L". The 10T was on the right, and everyone else clustered around SL on the right apex. My Sniper set up right in front of SL, on a hill.

Jon responded in kind, with the bulk of the family in the middle, his own sniper in cover facing mine, and pistols on left and right.

Turn 1

Turn 1 was shockingly action-packed. I drew a shit hand and played like I had a good one. I won the flip, and the sniper focused (0) and shot twice at Nino. Despite doing decent damage, cover and HTW meant he lived--and immediately returned file, killing my sniper. Oops.

I pushed the flanks outward, trying to get in place for Power Ritual. In the middle, Flamey got shoved forward by the Kamaitachi, and was fixing to be Fast-ed by SL and then charge, when Perdita relocated forward and shot him into the grave. Oooooops.

With things looking awesome, and my activation advantage melting, I got scrappy. Everyone hid except the Samurai, who went hunting--the left-flank pistoliero was pushing toward the corner, and exposed. Sam stepped up, and was able to put a few wounds with a well-placed Gatling shot. This left him exposed, however, so Gusty jumped up and punched him in the nose (gently), pushing him up against a convenient 2" hill.

Perdita was joined by Santiago in the middle, locking down a big swath of the board. I fled my right flank around the other hill, following the 10T. Hide! Flee the pistol-packing mama!

Turn 2

More maneuvering in the middle. The Samurai got a few lucky flips and killed two models: a finishing burst on the left flank pistoliero, and a burst up the middle to do the last freakin' wound to Nino. Phew! This unfortuantely left the Sam exposed--sorta. I had that 2" hill in the way, and I hugged that sucker for all it was worth.

Perdita returned fire, opting to ignore Armor instead of Cover--which turned out to be a huge mistake. A few good cards from my hand, and some bad negative-flips on shooting, and the Sam managed to survive. Belatedly both Jon and I realized he could have been spending some of his huge cache to offset the cover. Still, it seemed the Samurai was blessed that turn--even Santiago couldn't bring him down with a little more shooting.

Meanwhile, Drunk pushed forward and dropped a marker, followed by Gusty, who leapt around and left a marker in the corner. On the other flank the 10T brother did the same, with the help of some fast-blowing from Shenlong. The Kamaitachi follwed boss-man, hiding behind a bit of rubble to act as a "swing" piece for Interference--unusually for a totem, it is insignificant but not a peon, so counted.

Turns 3-4

The Sam was in a bad place, almost certainly going to die to further barrage from Santiago and Perdita. "Luckily", I flipped the Red Joker for initiative; "yay". The Samurai dispensed with his gun and charged Santiago directly; some high cards from my hands brought the big Ortega down to a single wound, but I didn't have the third attack necessary to get past Hard To Kill.

Perdita found herself stuck by her own dude and some terrain, and so had to inch around the far side into a pile of scuzzy water, but once there made short work of the Samurai. It did waste most of her turn, so, yay.

Francisco fought his way through some ruins and took a shot at the Fermented River Monk, eventually bringing him down. Sadly this split him away from his kin, weakening everyone.

I decided to bail on that quarter; Blowy leaped and skidaddled to hide in cover; he joined the Flowy, who had decided to run the fuck away and hide in some woods in my deployment zone, eventually dropping a spare Power Ritual marker back there and nursing it.

Meanwhile Shenlong was just using the Focus-powered "Blow 'em and make 'em fast" power, because it was so damn useful. Between that and the kamaitachi pushing Shenlong around, I was able to get a charge off on the right-flank pistolero with the 10T brother--again, cheating in a severe dropped my opponent and meant I had excellent control of the area behind the hill.

With four models left (including the Shackled Nephilim), and Santiago at one wound, things were looking grim for Jon.

Turns 5-6

It was shameless point-grab time. I did a lot of hiding, since I was holding 2 quarters each turn and had both my Schemes locked. Really it was about denying Jon any points from Interference. And I was pretty sure he'd taken Assassinate, and kind of wanted to see what Shenlong could do in close combat.

So I dangled Shenlong out there trying to get Jon to overcommit with Perdita or Santiago. This was tactically foolish, and nearly cost me. Shenlong advanced with the Kamaitachi, blowing Perdita off her scheme marker and Slowing her; chicanery with the Kamaitachi let me end up in poor position and still get to reposition afterward (up to 9" of 'free' pushes if you're willing to spend a card and switch styles).

But Perdita didn't have enough hermanos around to reposition to get a good shot, and between cover (this time cancelled), and a hasty switch to Low River Style (aka defensive), plus some decent 10s and Jacks from my hand, Shenlong was able to weather the leadstorm.

For whatever reason I foolishly advanced Flowy, who promptly got gacked by a bullet from Francisco. Zero reason to, and it cost me that quarter--but luckily this was on turn six, and I was maxxed on the Strategy.

The game ended after six turns; the last activation was a desperation charge of Santiago with the Kamaitachi. The little Weasel first pushed Shenlong into Jon's home quarter, which had both Perdita and Santiago in it, then charged the latter--managing to scrape together a decent attack on the second shot and doing the one remaining wound. This meant I was winning the quarter; I realized afterward I'd only needed to contest, but the weasel likes doing things with style.

Jon did have both Perdita and Franscisco standing on markers, so he got 3 from Protect Territory, but that was it. I got a perfect score, despite losing over half my models. Yay, strategy.

Closing thoughts

Overall it was an enjoyable game and a reminder of just how lethal the Ortegas are, and how much board they can control. If it hadn't been for the dense terrain (2" hills and some forests) I would have been wiped out fairly early; it's unclear if spending all my resources charging forward and engaging would have sufficed, given the Family's ability to shoot into combat.

Shenlong can really travel when he needs to; the Wandering River Monk is suitably fast, with a good leap and decent walk. Coupled with Fast and the defense trigger that drops scheme markers, this gets ridic. The rest of the team is only moderately fast. Like Perdita, things work best in combination; everyone wants to be within 6" of Shenlong, which gets confining. I tried to pair up the monks with contrasting styles, which kinda worked, and I liked the Samurai in there for killing power.

But Shenlong's minions aren't _that_ killy (though I haven't gotten to use the Flaming Monks yet). It might be worth stocking a beater like Ototo, especially when Shenlong can blow him forward and make him Fast. Or the Dawn Serpent; then the Kamaitachi can push it too....
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