X Wing tournament Quick Write Up

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X Wing tournament Quick Write Up

Postby Brutal Legend » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:42 am

I went to an X Wing tournament over the weekend. There were 28 people there and that meant that there was going to be five 75-minute rounds and a Top 4 Final round. The meta was centered around the recent release of the Gozanti Assault Carrier which is an epic sized ship with new Tie fighter pilots as well as the Force Awakens starter box with the T70 X Wing and First Order Ties. It was like stepping into a twilight zone. The last tournament I went to there wasn't a single tie fighter to be seen. This time around there were tie fighters all over the place which was really strange as I was expecting a lot of y-wings and k wings with twin laser turrets. There were a few large ship squadrons, a few turret squadrons, but I'm telling you the tie swarm is back! The tie advanced is also very popular now with the release of another epic sized ship, the Imperial Raider. The additional tie advanced pilots, the Tie Advanced/x1 upgrade and Accuracy Corrector were also heavily favored.

My Squadron

Vader (tie advanced) w/ engine upgrade, x1 upgrade, advanced targeting computer
Soontir (tie interceptor) w/ royal guard tie, autothrusters, stealth device, push the limit
Epsilon Squadron (Tie/fo)
Epsilon Squadron (Tie/fo)

Round 1

Me vs. 5 Tie fighters, Howlrunner (tie) and Youngster (tie)

Round 2

Me vs. Mauler Mithel (tie), Zeta Leader (tie/fo), Scourge (tie), Wombat (tie), Lt. Colzet (tie advanced)

Round 3

Me vs. Bossk (Hound's Tooth), Drea (scum y-wing), Syndicate Thug (scum y-wing)

Round 4

Me vs. Soontir (tie interceptor), Turr Phenir (tie interceptor), Carnor Jax (tie interceptor)

Round 5

Me vs. 4 Tie Advanced with accuracy corrector, Backstabber (tie)

...And I didn't make the top 4 so that was it for me. My wingman Chris also didn't make the top 4 but came closer than I did on the day. After 5 games, I was ready to go home. It was a full and fun day of x wing games.
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