Protection of Minos, Game 5 - Necrons vs Inquisition

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Protection of Minos, Game 5 - Necrons vs Inquisition

Postby Thunderjaw » Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:47 am

Order of Battle.

Mike's Crons

Necron Destoyer OverLord w/ Scythe and Goodies.
Necron Overlord w/ Scythe and Goodies on foot.

20 man warrior squad w/ attached Lord
15 man Immortal squad w/ Attached Cryptek (Foot OVerload went here)
5 man warrior squad w/ Attached Cryptek

1 Tomb Stalker
1 C'tan Shard
10 Flayed Ones

3 Heavy Destroyers
6 Wraiths w/ mixed weapons
2 Tomb Spiders
3 Scarabs

Brad's Forces:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Death Cult Assassin Squad in Rhino
PLasma Rain Servitor Squad w/ Razorback
2 Jokaero "Sniper Squad" in Chimera
Psyker Boom Boom Squad in Chimera
5 GK Terminators w/ Psycannon
10 Purifiers w/ 4 Psycannons w/ Razorback
Dreadnaught w/ TL Autocannon and Assault Cannon (Psybolt)
Dreadnaught w/ TL Autocannons (Psybolt)
Vindicaire Assassin

5 Legion of the Damned Space Marines


Necrons were the attackers in a Dawn of War deployment. Mike deployed his objective centered in his deployment zone and parked the 20 man warrior squad on top of it. He also deployed the 15 man Immortal squad and his foot overlord.

Inquisition deployed Coteaz and the Plasma Rain squad slightly to the left relative to Mike's center and deployed an empty Razorback hard left near the board edge. Classic "refused flank" deployment.

Coteaz consulted augurs to attempt to seize the initiative but the dice gods were having none of it... time for the Necrons to kick off...


Necron Turn One:

The entire Necron force with the exception of the Ctan, Tomb Stalker and Flayed ones rolled onto the back table edge. The big scaries were going to be deep striking later. Mike advanced directly across from the flank I'm refusing to get the shortest route to my lines. Wraiths moved 12" in and spread out to avoid pie plates/templates, though there wasn't much fear of those since it's Night Fight turn one. In the shooting phase, most units elected to run. The Wraiths rolled a 1. The Scarabs rolled a 1. The Warriors rolled a 1. The Immortals rolled a 2. The Spiders rolled a 5. At this point Mike and I were both laughing our asses off at the amount of shitty run rolls. The Heavy Destoyers attempted to snipe the Razorback, but were unable to see it in the pre dawn light.


Inquisition Turn One:

The Purifiers combat squaded with half of them arriving in their own razorback and half running onto the board and mounting up in the PLasma Squad's Razorback which was thoughtfully parked 7" from the board edge :) Terminators, Dreadnaughts and Psyker Boom Booms moved on directly in the refused corner on a straight line from the advancing Wraiths. Everything else moved on to the right of COteaz with the vindicaire hotfooting it onto the table to get into cover with Coteaz's squad. The Legion of the Damned were in reserve. The Razorback loaded with Purifiers zipped 12" forward and slightly right to remove itself from the projectile path of the Dreads, Psykers and Plasma Rain squad.

The Razorback flipped it's searchlight on revealing the Wraith Squad and the Inquisition unloaded. Psykers, Plasma, Autocannons, Multilaser shots and more pounded the Wraiths. Mike continued his love affair with single pips and proceeded to lose half the squad (might have been 4 of them, definitely 3). The Razorback prepared to take the brunt of the enemy fire.


Necron Turn Two: Reserves!

The Necron call for reinforcements was answered by the C'tan and the Flayed ones. Both dropped down on the right of the Inquisition flank to attempt to put opposed pressure on from the Wraiths.

The Wraiths continued to advance towards the inquisition's lines as did the Scarabs and Spiders. The Immortals advanced slightly in anticipation of bringing the advancing Termies and dreads under fire without exposing themselves to much to the Plasma squad. The Heavy Destroyers shifted fire lanes to bring their firepower to bear on the Death Cult Rhino. The
Spiders pooped out more scarabs.

The Wraiths and spiders continued their horrid run rolls and the spiders continued their awesome run rolls. Clearly the rest of the Necrons could learn from the spiders. The Immortals opened fire on the Spotlight Razorback full of purifiers but were unable to do more than shake/stun it. The Heavy Destroyers opened fire on the smoked rhino and penetrated it, bbut were unable to do more than shake it.

This is another continueing theme. I would fail EVERY vehicle cover save over the course of the game (and I got a lot) and Mike would literally roll a 1 or a 2 on the effect (Mostly 1's). The Heavy Destroyers were completely inept despite sometimes penning with 2 out of 3 shots. This did however cause lots more laughter.


Inquisition Turn Two:

The crys of alarm from the INquisition's lines brought them Aid Unlooked For! From the murky shadows of the warp/whatever emerged a squad of mysterious warriors clad in inky black armor with crimson flames dancing across the surface (or unpainted pewter, but inky black sounds better). These Warriors deepstruck near the Flayed Ones intent on bringing them down.

The Jokaero sniper squad revved the engines in their chimera and attempted to speed away from the advancing C'tan... and they hit a tree. Monkeys can apparantly build complex machinery from stuff that would make McGyver cry, but they can't drive a tank. The Purifier Razorback however zipped away towards the main Inquisition force and away from the advancing Star God. (partial piece only, not valid for full Star God status, some assembly required) The terminators and dreads advanced towards the oncoming Wraiths. The other Purifier Razorback passed it's Fortitude test shaking off the shaken/stunned results and shifted slightly to bring it's PSy enhanced ammunition to bear on the advancing wraiths.

In the shooting phase most of the army concentrated on the wraiths. Between the Razorback, CHimera, Plasma Rain, Coteaz, the Terminators and the two Dreads they eliminated the wraiths leaving just the lone Destroyer Lord with one wound on him. The vindicaire fired a Sheild Breaker round at the advancing C'tan and while he hit him, failed to wound. The Jokaero Squad stopped trying to fix the chimera and focused their digital weapons on the hapless Flayed Ones... they quickly morphed heavy flamers (rending!) and between their fiery justice and the fierier justice of the Legion's guns they reduced the Flayed ones to a single figure. Two of them would jump up moments later going "hah hah, we're not dead! Fooled you!" This would not amuse the Legion of the Damned. (But really, what does?) Coteaz attempted to cast Sanctuary, flubbed it and faced some perilous warpage. Ouch!


Necron Turn Three:

The Tomb Stalker arrived from reserve and landed on top of a dead land raider from some previous battle. From his perch he was able to watch as the rest of the Necron force advanced.The C'tan moved to threaten the Jokaero Chimera and the Flayed One moved to irritate the Legion of the Damned. Well, they would have moved, but they rolled double ones for Difficult Ground so really they just braced for more flamer death. The Destroyer Lord zoomed towards the Inquisitions lines and prepared to assault Coteaz's squad since they were unsanctuaried and since they were crunchier than Grey Knight Terminators. The Scarabs moved up to threaten the purifier razorback.

The Necron shooting phase was a whole lot of nothing... more Heavy Destroyers shooting at silly vehicles and doing nothing. Mostly it was focused on hand to hand. They did immbolize the second Purifier Rzback.

In the assault phase, the Overlord charged Coteaz's helpless servitors on the "side" of the unit dragging them way off their objective. Half got into combat with the Overlord and half did not... immediately the Mindshackle scarabs went to work turning one of the unit agains hisfellows. Coteaz was all like "Dude, WTF now I can't shoot stuff" and forgot that he can cast Hammerhand to make the combat better. Even without his psychic fortifications, one of the plasma cannon servitors WTFpwned the Overlord and wounded him. Sadly the Overlord killed like 4 of the squad, but Coteaz's stubborn defiance kept them in the game. The C'tan butchered the chimera reducing it to a smoking crater and sending the hapless monkeys scampering into the wreckage. The scarabs assaulted the Purifier Razorback and reduced it to Armor 9 (8 in the back!).

I forgot to add the scarabs assaulting the Razorback, but deal with it...


Inquisition Turn Three:

The Terminators advanced to charge the Overlord. The Purifiers dismounted the AV9 Razorback and hotfooted it into the cover vacated by Coteaz's team. The Legion advanced on the Flayed Ones. The Jokaero sat there in the wreckage and prepared to die. The Death Cult assassin
squad's rhino advanced towards the C'tan to prepare to charge it. Vehicles moved around.

This was ANOTHER theme... throughout this entire game I completely misplayed my Death Cult Assassins... so much so that they literally never saw combat. They moved around in their rhino in an attempt to neutralize threats, but then the threat would either get removed by something else or the damn threat would move away and leave them sitting there going WTF. They never even set foot on the table... Sucktastic.

The shooting phase saw the Jokaeros accept that they were going to die but sending two valiant Lascannon shots into the Heavy Destroyers killing one of them. It would not reanimate. The Legion gunned down the remaining flayed ones. The Dreads and Psyker Boom Booms unloaded on the Immortals squad knocking down a couple, of which half got back up. No real damage. The Vindicaire however connected with the C'tan with another Shieldbreaker round removing a wound and his Invuln (and only) save for the rest of the game. A few things shot the Tomb Stalker doing a wound on it as well.

In the Assault phase the Terminators charged the Overlord and killed him but not before he removed a few more of Coteaz's squad. Coteaz abd the Termies spread out enough to prevent the Overlord from Reanimating.

No Pics... censored by the Inquisition.

Necron Turn Four:

The Immortals advanced into firing range of Coteaz's squad. The Tomb Stalker advanced towards the AV 9 Razorback. The Scarabs left the AV9 Razorback and headed towards the other Razorback.

The C'tan headed towards the main lines. The spiders advanced again.

In the shooting phase, the Immortals unloaded on Coteaz's squad butchering most of them and leaving just Coteaz, a Plasma Servitor and one Psyker alive. Plasma Rain had just turned to Plasma Drizzle. Most of the other Necron shooting was ineffective, with the Warriors unloading on, but failing to damage the AV9 Razorback - but assault is where they earn their keep...

The Tomb Stalker assaulted the AV9 razorback - BOOOOM. The Scarabs assaulted the other Purifier razorback reducing it to AV 0 and killing it. The Purfiers bailed out on the far side where they could bring their guns to bear on the advancing spiders. The C'tan went on a Monkey death tour slaughtering the poor defenseless Jokaeros and their two acolyte attendants.

Coteaz's squad failed their morale check and fell back towards the board edge. They could not reqroup...

Inquisiton Turn Four:

The Legion advanced on the Scarabs. The 2nd Purifier squad advanced on the spiders. The Terminators advanced on the Tomb Stalker. The rest of the armies guns swiveled towards the C'tan. The Death Cult sat there like idiots.

Shooting opened with a vengence. Purifier B opened up on the Tomb Spiders doing 1 wound to each spider. The Legion poured fire into the Scarabs and between their flamer (10 wounds!), Multimelta, and bolters they really torched the scarabs, reducing them to a single base. The
first purifier squad unloaded on the C'tan and with a lucky spate of rolls reduced it to a single wound. The Vindicaire polished it off eliminating it's threat once and for all. The terminators fired on the Tomb Stalker doing a wound and preparing to charge it. Psyker Boom Boom failed to cast Psychic Boom Boom and basically looked silly. The Dreads shot the Tomb Stalker, but ultimately combat was where it was going to balance....

The Termies charged the Tomb Stalker, the Purifiers charged the spiders, the Legion charged the last scarab... the battlers were surprising... The Legion easily wiped the scarab swarm out.

The Purifiers got REALLY lucky on damage rolls doing four wounds to the spiders. This was enough to kill them both before they got to swing. The purifiers would consolidate behind a rock that really didn't hide them from anything. :) The Terminators swung their halbards at the Tomb Stalker doing a wound. It swung back killing one Terminator. The Demonhammer swung and removed the Tomb Stalker from the board. I lost only one terminator, which was extremely lucky... I expected to kill the Stalker, but figured it would take two turns and my Terminators would get gutted... losing one model was awesome.

All of the big hard charging threats had been removed... time to go forward.... Sweeping Advances and consolidations saw my forces advance towards the necron lines.

Necron Turn Five:

With the threat of Coteaz removed, the Necron master plan unfolded with the Overlord instructing the Cryptek to fire up his Veil of Darkness... with a shadowing crackling of energy the Necrons appeared right next to the imperial lines and within 8" of their objective.

Clearly this was intolerable!

The Necron shooting phase was now much reduced... the 20 man warrior squad unloaded on the poorly hidden purifiers killing all of them but the Psycannon squaddie. The remaining two Heavy Destroyers did something unrememberable and just as effective. :) The Veiled Immortals unloaded on the Vindicaire assassin to remove his Squad Leader killing threat from the board.

The Cryptek's template weapon scored a wound on him and the rest of the Immortal's fire did another 10 wounds. The nimble assassin dove for cover, and was able to shrug off all theImmortal's fire save one wound. The Cryptek's flamer template laid him low though as cover did no good against it and his 4+ invuln wasn't sufficient. With this Threat removed the Immortals were only inches from the Inquisition's objective and threatening to crush the Imperial hopes.


Inquisition Turn 5:

Every gun in the army turned to bear on the Immortal squads. The Psyker Boom Boom squad zipped back to the objective and dismounted to bring their formidable Psy powers to bear. The Purifiers readed their weapons. The Legion's Bolters crackled with warp energies. The Terminators turned around and rushed back to the fray. The Stupid Assassin squad zipped back in their rhino...
In the shooting phase the lone Psycannon knocked another Heavy Destroyer from the sky. The rest of the army pounded the Immortals... When the smoke cleared the entire Immortal squad, the Cryptek and the Overlord were gone leaving behind two solitary ever living markers to mark

their passing. At the end of the shooting phase the Cryptek failed to reanimate, but the Overlord himself stood on creaking hydraulics and shouted his wrath to the skys.

The roll to end the game came up and three and the two sides fought on.

Necron Turn 6:

Not a lot of movement... the Overlord moved forward and charged the Psyker Boom Boom Squad. They suck in combat, he does not... They ran, he consolidated onto the objective.

The Heavy D's bounced off a Dread. The 20 man Warrior squad removed the last Psycannon from Pufifers B from the board.

Inquisition Turn 6:

Torrents of fire poured into the Necron Overlord bringing him low. The Terminators and Purifiers used their run move to spread out on top of the Everliving marker to prevent the Overlord from returning and contesting the objective.

The game ended and points were counted...

Surviving Necron Forces:

5 Man Warrior Squad (Minus maybe 2 guys)
20 Man Warrior Squad (untouched I believe, maybe a single guy lost but I don't think so)

Surviving Grey Knights

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
Stupid Death Cult Assassin Squad and Rhino
Psyker Boom Boom Chimera (Squad dead!)
4 Terminators (Lucky Bastards!)
5 Purifiers
4 Legion of the Damned
2 Dreadnaughts

Primary: Control More Objectives - We each had one.

Secondary: Control 3 Table Quarters - We Each had two

Tertiary: Kill the Enemy HQ: Mike's were all dead, mine were not.

End Score: Me: 1 Mike: 0

Lessons Learned.

Mike REALLY REALLY REALLY can't kill vehicles. I said earlier, I never passed a cover save on a vehicle and it's true... Mike had pretty much 1 penetrating hit per turn to kill a vehicle.

The most he did was immobilize a razorback. Even a Warrior squad unloading on an AV9 Razorback got a single penetrating hit, which promptly rolled a 1. He could kill them all day long in assault, just not shooting.

Mike also can't do run rolls... more 1's than I can shake a stick at. The rest of his rolls were average so bad rolls didn't noticeable change things too much. They'd of been a real factor if my Death Cult had done anything as Mike tried to stop their rhino all game... but lucky for him they were retards the entire time.

I can't roll Vehicle Cover saves... or really any 4+ save... Didn't make a single one all game on vehicles and didn't make too many on Coteaz's squad and none for the vindicaire... 2+ saves however... :) My shooting was good, my hth was luckier, especially killing the Tomb Stalker in a single round and only losing one Terminator. Those guys were the home defense for sure and the stars of my force.

I played my Purifiers horribly... most of the time they were running around in Razorbacks doing nothing when they should have been bunkered down and shooting. I blame Dawn of War, but it was really incompetence. It's the first time I'd used them, but that's no excuse. In the end they did kill the Spiders, the C'tan and 1 Heavy Destroyer, so not horrible. I think I hate them and am going to dump them from my list.

If you'd given me a million dollars and asked me to play my Death Cult assassins WORSE than I did I don't think I could have done it... Space Wolves have ruined me for figuring out how to charge from a rhino... I kept them back to react to the oncoming threats of the C'Tan, Stalker, Wraiths and Flayed Ones and every single turn I ended up positioning them poorly so they were completely useless. That's a deadly unit that never hit the tabletop... stupid.

In the end we had a ton of fun and it was an awesome game... 40k is all about pressure, and Mike applied it excellently. In the end I could deal with that pressure but I couldn't take objectives at the same time... :)
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++$ Brad
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Postby Exokan » Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:27 pm

Yeah it was an awesome game!

Few things right off the bat. The Big warrior squad was 16 dudes plus a mini Lord and yeah they were untouched. And the Immortals where a 10 man unit with the Boss man and Cryptek attached. Realized that the Shield Breaker shot from the Vindicare only works on wargear given saves... not 'natural' saves... doesn't really matter, maybe the Death Cult assassins would have had something to do! The last turn of the game the Overlord assaulted and ran off the Psyker Boom Boom squad which was kind of important (one of Brads two remaining troops at this point).

Oh and Brad mentioned that the Heavy Destroyers did something unmemorable in turn five... It was actually a very important shot... I was trying to get blow up the assassin rhino again (the squad ended up being able to hold Brads objective at the end of the game, so killing their transportation would have been a big deal). Two Hits, Two Pens, Two failed Cover Saves, Two Ones... Fucking assholes...

I Gotta say, I think I had some poor luck overall but there was at least two rolls that I came up on the winning side of. The Overlords 4+ Well Be Back Save... I suppose with the Assassins controlling their objective at the end it didn't matter, but him coming back and killing the Boom Boom squad, almost put victory in my reach (had those fucking Destroyers not fucked up!!!) Second was Coteaz failing his Stubborn 10 morale check. Sure the squad couldn't shoot well anymore, but they were another troop choice I would have had to move off the objective...

I also gotta thank the Scatter Dice god... while in true fashion, I never rolled a 'hit' all game, I didn't ever scatter anywhere crazy...

Anyways, like I said a great game overall!
-Mike H.
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Postby Thunderjaw » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:29 pm

the squad ended up being able to hold Brads objective at the end of the game, so killing their transportation would have been a big deal

Nah, the terminators held it. they're troops... the death cult definitely ran back there like idiots, but they weren't required :)

I Gotta say, I think I had some poor luck overall but there was at least two rolls that I came up on the winning side of. The Overlords 4+ Well Be Back Save

You were spot on with the Reanimation on OVerlords... swamping the marker was the only way I could "kill" them... annoying bastards!

I rolled leadership like you rolled vehicle pens... 11 on Coteaz's stubborn, a failed Sanctuary at the wrong time (Boxcars!), a failed Psyker Boom Boom blast on the Immortals (rolled a 10)... though I did make every Hammerhand I remembered... :)

I think you're scatters were great. Even the Tomb Stalker, which IIRC was the worst, wasn't "bad". Those poor Flayed Ones though... good scatter, shitty run/diff ground... :)
++$ Brad
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Postby Thunderjaw » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:30 pm

Also, I wish I'd known that about the Vindicaire... the Death Cult DEFINITELY would have had something to do... that fight would have been epic.
++$ Brad
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Postby Exokan » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:46 pm

Haha yeah, especially the explosion at the end of it! And good call about the termis, I swear I've got a 3rd edition block about those guys being anything but elites... now I really wish the Stalker had done a little more!
-Mike H.
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