The army list rut.

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The army list rut.

Postby stormboy » Wed May 02, 2012 10:34 am

I have never been a big fan of scouring the internet to find the best lists or asking forum questions about list building. Nope – I do it the old fashioned way. I build models that I think are cool and then put them in a list – or – I think about what an army should have in it (you know, fluff wise) and create a list and use it.

My Badmoons were created in such a way. I imagined a force with loads of shootas and a bunch of big heavy gear. So I build my list around it. Badmoons require Flashgits and Battlewagons and Meganobs – because they have the most expensive stuff. So they got built and painted.

Once I was done with the Badmoons, I felt I was done. I had a list and played it for a while and then I stopped playing it. It is there and waiting for me. It turned into the defacto completed army list. I never added anything or made anything new for the list. I considered it done. And because of this – I got bored with it. My army became a trap, a rut, an inflexible fixed entity.

I was reinspired by the league when it first began because I wanted to tell a story. But I quickly discovered that I was telling a story about the same boring old army. Grimdakka’s story didn’t flow as well once I got bored.

As I became more bored with the list – I became more bored with 40k in general. This trend carried over into bloodbowl and gaming in general. I found myself with a bunch of random, half finished projects with no real energy or desire to complete them.

Then something happened. I was forced to adjust my list for the Standish Tourney. I thought that I would toss in a few models and make the best of it. But in speed painting and playing with these new models in my list, I found an energy that I hadn’t had in a long time. I needed to think about how to use my list again. I needed to adjust my tactics and prepare differently. My army performed differently and I made mistakes in deployment and in holding objectives. I felt these mistakes throughout games.

Now my league list is feeling these changes again. I have cleared off my work station and started on a couple new things. My Badmoons are no longer finished – rather they have become a living, breathing, growing force again. They have the potential to change and become something new.

For a long time I felt swamped with the overwhelming sense of my boring old Badmoon List. Now it feels like a different army – with just a few subtle changes. I think it is good to remember that simple things can completely change your 40k experience and create engagement where there was none, excitement where there was only blah.
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Postby Thunderjaw » Wed May 02, 2012 11:05 am

I poke around on the web on occasion for new lists... I'm not looking for complete lists but rather I'm looking for new ways that perhaps other people are doing things that I'd never considered. Sometimes people do things that are pretty cool and neat. Occasionally I learn something, most of the time I don't, but failing to find knowledge just becuase I might fail is a poor excuse.

List building, like life is a dynamic thing. If it stops moving it "dies" and that results in the blaise "rut" feeling for sure... I think it's all about doing new things that you wouldn't normally do... using units you're not familiar with... mixing things up.

A lot of people think adding a new unit to an army is a simple process, but it's really not. New units change the performance and synergy dynamics of a given force. Sometimes that's an easy change, sometimes it's not. Adjusting to the change is the fun part.

I'm glad you're re-energized for 40k :) Now get out there and show those panzy ummies who'z boss!
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Postby Brutal Legend » Wed May 02, 2012 11:44 am

I'd agree with the concept of being in a rut.

The only army I don't feel like that about is the IG. Perhaps because it's taken me so long to get a collection of stuff that I like. First I had catachans, but I wasn't so happy with their aesthetic so I gave them to patrick. I like my Cadians a lot, and I have a ton of infantry, now I'm working on my chimeras and I'm still looking for a 2nd hydra flak tank and perhaps buying the newer hellhound kits. Imperial Guard is an expensive army.

Someday. Soon I hope to have everything I want, but until then I'm in a rut because I don't have the things I need/want.
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Postby stormboy » Wed May 02, 2012 12:20 pm

My Badmoons were a ton of fun at first.

It is interesting how difficult breaking free of a rut is. I was mired in the list - not only did I not think of changing it, but I also couldn't imagine the playstyle of a different list.

Now I am running a little wild with idea that may or may not mess with my list. It will be fun trying things out and it feels like a new list again.

It is amazing how altering a style of play can create new opportunities.
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Postby the_trooper » Wed May 02, 2012 12:47 pm

I hear you on that. Being so focused on one aspect of the army / fluff / play style you forget about the big picture. This league helped me better understand this army of rag-tag heretics. I was in a rut because I couldn't really comprehend how to play them and so they sat in the foam.

Simple concepts like "Shoot with guardsmen." were beyond a former LatD player. Hey, maybe next time I'll find out about transports...
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Postby afeinman » Wed May 02, 2012 1:12 pm

Anything that gets Jack fired up about 40k is A-OK by me.
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Postby TheRhino » Wed May 02, 2012 2:33 pm

I jump in and out of ruts with my Ultramarines on a monthly basis. A year ago, I was tired of runnign my bikers, even though I did well with them, and was "known" for the army. I veered off into a more Battle Company build for a while, but got really sick of Tactical Marines. I jumped out of that rut by deciding to run a First Company list using the Deathwing rules. I built a few new Terminators, but got bogged down by the fact that I couldn't build much of a First Company list without resorting to VenDreads and a pair of Crusaders. So, it was off to my Honour Guard project, which has bogged down into boredom. Painting ten of these guys, even with the fun of kitbashing, has sucked all the excitement out of them. They look cool, but the full 10 won't ever see the table all at once, because it's hard to justify their use in a fluffy way, doubly so alongside normal Marine units.
My next rut-breaker is going to be the addition of Scouts to my collection. I own a ton of them, but have never painted or assembled a single one. I feel like they'll be a breath of fresh air when measured against the speed of my Bikers as troops, or the monotony and single-purposed Tactical squads. I'm being smart, and only building 5 at a time, though.
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