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Jon's 'Nids

Postby Brutal Legend » Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:37 pm

In an effort to revitalize my Tyranid collection in 6th edition, I've been thinking about a new list for my Tyranids.


Hive Tyrant-235
lashwhip, bonesword, heavy venom cannon, armored shell
Psychic Powers-Leech Essence, Paroxyism

2 Tyrant Guard-120

Tyranid Prime-95
deathspitter, toxin sacs


3 Zoanthropes-180


6 Tyranid Warriors-225
Joined by Tyranid Prime, 3 devourers, 3 deathspitters, toxin sacs

7 Genestealers-133
scything talons, toxin sacs

7 Genestealers-133
scything talons, toxin sacs

16 Hormagaunts-128
toxin sacs

16 Hormagaunts-128
toxin sacs

20 Termagants-100

Heavy Support

2 Carnifex-370
heavy venom cannons
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