Purge the Alien...

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Purge the Alien...

Postby Sizzly » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:50 am

So I got to play the new codex yesterday. Very very very pleased. My first win against tyranids. Thoughts on the list? It's a variant of the one I posted earlier but with a little less... I don't know... Wargear.

Here's the list:

Malleus Deus Sanguinem (Chaos Space Marines (6e))
HQ - 140
Chaos Lord (140)
Champion of Chaos (31 Cerebral Cogitator); Power Weapon (Power Sword); Plasma Pistol; Mark of Khorne; Sigil of Corruption; Gift of Mutation.

Warlord Traits (0)
Immovable Object.

Elites - 120
Helbrute (120)
Power Fist (Heavy Flamer).

Troops - 965
9 Khorne Berzerkers (302)
Berzerker Champion (Power Sword); 2× Plasma Pistol; Veterans of the Long War; Icon of Wrath; 4× Chain Axe.
• Rhino: Dirge Caster.

10 Chaos Space Marines (277)
Aspiring Champion (Power Maul; Gift of Mutation; 23 Warp Frenzy; 25 Strength of the Berzerker); 2× Meltagun; Icon of Wrath; Mark of Khorne.
• Rhino: Dirge Caster; Havoc Launcher.

10 Khorne Berzerkers (309)
Berzerker Champion (Power Axe); 2× Plasma Pistol; Icon of Wrath; 3× Chain Axe.
• Rhino: Dirge Caster.

10 Chaos Cultists (77)
Cultist Champion (Shotgun); Flamer; Mark of Khorne.

Heavy Support - 370
Land Raider (235)
Dirge Caster.

Vindicator (135)
Combi-Bolter; Extra Armor.
Detachment: Call Of Blood (Chaos Daemons)
HQ - 275
Bloodthirster (275)
Death Strike; Blessing of the Blood God.

Troops - 128
8 Bloodletters Of Khorne (128)
1,998 points

Here's a photo:

More at http://itoysoldiers.com/battlereports/purge-alien
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Postby mace_ace » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:57 am

Looking cool. Will there be a full bat rep? Did you find any units were at the sweet spot for configuration, or under/over done?
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Postby Sizzly » Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:00 pm

I was pretty happy with the list overall.

The chain axes were superb against the tyranids. I guess the cultists and the blood letters were kinda pointless 'cause they were shot up as soon as they became visible to the 'nids. Of course that kept his zoanthropes busy so I suppose they fulfilled their role.

The Gift of Mutation though I think should go. Maybe it was just the rolls I got but it didn't really do anything. The CSM champ with didn't get out of the Rhino so it was a loss and the Chaos Lord was already at a higher initiative than anything he faced... I bet they could be fun and/or useful but weren't in this particular game.

The full battle report is coming soon. It'll have more context, me thinks.
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