Malifaux League - 50pts, Fixed Faction/Master

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Malifaux League - 50pts, Fixed Faction/Master

Postby Thunderjaw » Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:13 am

Hello All,

So Ian and I (90% Ian, 10% Bradley) put our heads together and this is what we are going to be doing.

April 2nd the League starts.

It will run through May 7th, which is six weeks total.

The League will be in the format of a Gaining Grounds tournament (rules here: ... g-grounds/ ) with a few changes. (meaning we are using their rotation for Strategy and Deployment, each week a "round," and their scoring system, tournament points we'll call League Points)

What we won't be using is their Painting Requirement, Opponent Deck Cutting Requirement, their Proxy rules will be significantly more slack and the biggest one is: Fixed Master. So you will have a Faction AND a Master for the run of the League.

Scheme Pools will be decided on Thursday nights randomly, per the GG rules.

How will you get your games in?

Well, using the model that we have been trying in the 40K and BB league, we will do sign ups. Players will indicated their willingness/wantingness to play by Wednesday midnight and a Match up thread will go up during the day on Thursday. Players will be matched up using a criteria of Standings, Factions and whether or not you guys have faced up recently or during the league itself. For instance, not sure the last time Jimmy and Fred played a table top game against each other. They would get top billing to play each other. Likewise, Matt and Marc have been rocking the Malifaux banner for a long time together so I would look to keep them apart if possible. Plus, they don't like each other very much.

Cost: $20. But that covers your door fee as long as you sign up and play Malifaux during the League schedule.

Prizes: I'll try to come up with something. I'm sure my fellow Dorka-ites will support organized play as they always do.

Rounds 1-4 will be League Weeks 1-4. Week 5 will be a "replay/catch up" week for people to get games in. League Week 6 will be Round 5.

Scoring. Your best score will be kept for a week. By score I mean entire scoring line (League Points/Differential/Total VPs) Meaning you can play weeks over if you'd like and can find an opponent.

Feel free to ask any questions and you can sign up here! When you sign up please indicate Faction and Master. League Sign Ups will end on April 1st! (the Wednesday prior Week 1)

Come one, Come All, Let's flip some Cards! Sign up thread will be in Malifaux Discussion.
++$ Brad
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