Onslaught GT @ Templecon 2013. Feb1-3.

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Onslaught GT @ Templecon 2013. Feb1-3.

Postby keithb » Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:28 pm

Hey guys, here to announce Onslaught for 2013, so I've got a lot of details for you.

The overall setup/awards for Fantasy and 40k will be the same, so I will lay out specific restrictions/rules for each event, after the common section.

Both events have a 50 player cap currently, (though if there is a lot of demand we can expand that number).

Check out Warmachine/Hordes events/schedule (will add link when it is posted)

YES, this is superbowl weekend. But why should that stop you, we will all be hanging out and watching the superbowl at the hotel after the event. For those of you who want to get back in time, we will be done early on Sunday so you can make it home for the game!

Schedule 40K:
Saturday Feb, 2nd: 8-9 registration/table assignments.
9-11:30, RND 1.
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 3pm, RND 2
3-3:30, Break
3:30-6, RND 3

Sun Feb, 3rd: 8:30-9 check-in/ table assignments.
9-11:30 RND 4.
11:30-12:30, Lunch
12:30 - 3pm RND 5.
3-3:30 clean up
3:45-4 Awards.

Schedule Fantasy:
Saturday Feb, 2nd: 8-9:15 registration/table assignments.
9:15-11:45, RND 1.
11:45-12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 3:15, RND 2
3:15-3:45, Break
3:45-6:15, RND 3

Sun Feb, 3rd: 8:30-9:15 check-in/ table assignments.
9:15-11:45 RND 4.
11:45-12:45, Lunch
12:45 - 3:15 RND 5.
3:15-3:45 clean up
4-4:15 Awards.

MAX of 100 Battle Points throughout the tournament (20 each round), both game systems.

Sportsmanship(40k + Fantasy):
Everyone starts out with 20/30 possible points for sportsmanship. At the end of every game, you will score your opponent on a pass/fail system.
Ask yourself the following:

"Did my opponent's attitude and/or behavior make the game an UNpleasant experience, overall?"
Note to the player: Please be sure that your answer is based on your opponent's behavior as a person, not on their army, and certainly not on who won or lost. Thank you!

IF you would answer the above question with a "YES" Then your opponent failed. NOTE: Due to a little bit of confusion last year, there will be a simple PASS or FAIL on the sheet to circle.
Each failure will be handles as follows:
1 failure = -5 points
2 failures = -10 points
3 failures = -20 points
4 failures = DQ and not allowed to return.

Note: All "Bad game" votes will need to be explained to the TO. Just to ensure that it was legitimately earned, this is not meant to be an obstacle to scoring someone poorly. I simply want to know what is
happening and make sure it isn't a large issue than just attitude, IE slowplaying, cheating.

NOTE: Cheating will not be tolerated, if you have an issue with a player cheating, please get a judge immediately so we can handle the situation. Players who are caught cheating will be told to leave. Slow playing is also not tolerated, if you suspect you are being slow played, please get a judge immediately, it is hard to rectify slow play after the game is over. I don't expect this to be an issue, In total we had only one bad game vote between both fantasy and 40k, and it had nothing to do with cheating or slowplay.

At the end of round 4, you will fill in your favorite opponent from the event (so far). Each Favorite opponent vote gets you 2.5 points added to your sports score.


Painting will be based on a checklist which will be worth 30 points. I will do by best to have a rough outline for the checklist up shortly.

End result:

Battle: 100 points
Sports: 30 points
Painting: 30 points
Total: 160 points

Best Overall: will go to the player with the highest total score. Tie Breaker will be Battle Points.
Best General: will go to the player with the highest Battle point total. Tie Breaker will be sportsmanship.
Best Sport: will go to the player with the highest Sportsmanship score. Tie Breaker will Battle points.
Player's Choice: will go to the player with the most votes for "Favorite Army" by all participants. Tie breaker will be painting score.
Runner up: will be awarded to the player who played on the highest ranked table in round 5 who did not receive a different award (winner first).


40k restrictions:
2000 points.
Single Force Org. Single allied detachment.
No mysterious terrain or objectives. (unless specified in scenario).
Fortifications: defense line & Bastion are ok.
Warlord powers will be done with each player nomination two tables to roll on, and then rolling once on each table, taking the power of their choice.
All forces must use their most recent codex, including WD replacements.
No IA lists, though FW models may be used to represent a normal codex entry where appropriate.

Fully Painted Armies are required! This means all models must be painted to a three color minimum.

40k Scoring system:

All games will follow the format below.

Main objective: 8pts for win, 0pts for loss. 4 points each if the objective is a draw.
Secondary objective: 4pts for win, 0pts for loss. 2 points each if the objective is a draw.

Victory points: (8 points)
Calculate the victory point difference between the players and consult the table below:
VP dif ---- Winner -- Loser
0-300 ------- 4 --------- 4
301-600 ----- 5 --------- 3
601-900 ----- 6 --------- 2
901-1200 ---- 7 --------- 1
1201+ ------- 8 --------- 0

MAX of 20 points per game.


Fantasy Restrictions:
2400 points.
All Special Characters are on a case by case basis and need to be approved for use.
We will be using ETC restrictions for this event. There will be a draft out for use for 2013 prior to the event.

Here is the official comp used for 2012, consider it a good starting point, if there is no draft out in a reasonable amount of time before Templecon, we will default to these restrictions.

[quote]Rules changes:
- Characters will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th, Infernal Gateway 11-12 effect. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply.

I. General Restrictions:

2400 Points.
Army used can be any of the currently published GW Army books. Forge World based army lists & units may not be used on the event, except for Chaos Dwarves.
A maximum of 3 identical core choices may be taken (regardless of equipment and other upgrades)
An army may have up to 4 war machines and shooting template weapons. Warmachines that use a template count as a single choice in this regard. All template weapons (from magic items, abilities, etc.) count, except for spells. Bolt thr. count as ½ a war machine(round up).[/color]
Max. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20â€
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Postby stormboy » Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:37 pm

*Heave, Ho*

Off into the Announcements Section with you!
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