Hobby Bunker 40k Event this Sunday the 25th!

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Hobby Bunker 40k Event this Sunday the 25th!

Postby quiestdeus » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:47 am

It is a bit short notice, but I figured I would cross-post this over here. If anyone is free and interested in getting a day of 40k in on Sunday you are more than welcome! The emphasis is on providing 3 fun games for everyone, and awarding people who exemplify that (rather than awarding those who show up to only punch faces in). Let me know if there are any questions, otherwise the details are below - hope to see some of you guys there! :D

BALANCE OF POWER - An Evil Dice Tournament Event

  • Format: Singles (1v1) 1750 points per person.
  • Date: August 25, 2013 (a Sunday)
  • Time: Registration is from 10:00AM to 10:30AM. Dice roll as soon as Registration closes! The event will conclude at/around 6PM.
  • Entrance Fee: $20.00
  • Address: 33 Exchange Street, Malden, MA 02148
  • Number of Players: This event will be capped at 20 players
  • Registration: Pre-registration is not require, but encouraged. To Pre-register for this event, please email registration@evildice40k.com. Be sure to include your name and what army you play!

This event uses the current rulebook (Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition) and all current codex releases and their most current Games Workshop FAQs. Below is a list of army books that may be used:
  • Codex: Black Templars
  • Codex: Blood Angels
  • Codex: Chaos Daemons
  • Codex: Chaos Space Marines
  • Codex: Grey Knights
  • Codex: Dark Angels
  • Codex: Dark Eldar
  • Codex: Eldar
  • Codex: Imperial Guard
  • Codex: Necrons
  • Codex: Orks
  • Codex: Space Marines
  • Codex: Space Wolves
  • Codex: Tau Empire
  • Codex: Tyranids
  • Codex: Sister of Battle (White Dwarf)
Please Note: 6th Edition Supplements to any of these books are also allowed.

Gameplay Requirements:
  • List: Each player must bring an army consisting of 1750 points. A legible army list is required.
  • WYSIWYG: Any paid-for upgrades in your army list must follow “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG). Accordingly, all such upgrades must be modeled. Proxied weapons are not permitted.
  • Painting/Basing Requirements: We do not have a painting or basing requirement for this event. However, your army WILL be scored on it's appearance by each opponent you face, so be aware of this fact before you decide to field unpainted models!
  • Modeling for Advantage: All creative counts-as or conversions are allowed for play, subject to the Event Organizer's approval. Questionable models or conversions for advantage may be removed from play at the Organizer's discretion.
  • Forge World: Units (and army lists) that are "40k Approved" may *NOT* be used in this event, as we do not have full knowledge or resources to judge any rules matters that may arise from such units.
  • Illegal Units: If illegal units or other rules violations are discovered over the course of the event, the offending unit(s) will be removed from all subsequent play. If you are discovered actually actively cheating, you will be asked to leave. Evil Dice does not tolerate poor sportsmanship!
  • Optional Rules In Effect: The following standard gameplay rules are not in use in this event:
    • This event will not use the Skyshield Landing Platform or the Fortress of Redemption fortifications.

Players will participate in three battles over the course of the day, each consisting of one custom-written scenario. At the end of each battle, players will find out which player won and by how many points, and then write in the appropriate amount of battle points they receive based on their margin of victory.

Each round will last 2 hours and players will be given time to deploy before each 2-hour period begins. We will endeavor to make sure that each round you will play a different opponent on a different table.

The pairings for each round will be announced as soon as they are determined. Please be sure to arrive at your table ready to play right away.

Each game will be played on a 4' x 6' table area, even if the table is not specifically this size (i.e., larger to support model storage).

Game results should be submitted as soon as possible once recorded.

Participation requires the following items:
  • Your models, of course
  • $20 cash for entry
  • One or more copies of your army list
  • A copy of any books relevant to your army, including the main rulebook, are required
  • Dice and templates
  • Tape measure
  • Transportation for bringing your army from table to table, if possible.

Players will primarily be scored based on their performance in-game using a system of Battle Points for the day. You will also be "soft" scored using the Evil Dice Honor System, in the categories of Rules Knowledge, Generalship, Sportsmanship, and Army Appearance.

We will award players in the following order, scaled based on participation:
  • Best Overall (Battle Points + All Honor System Bonuses)
  • Preferred Enemy (Sportsmanship Bonus + Appearance Bonus + Army List Bonus)
  • Tactical Master (Battle Points + Generalship Bonus)
  • Evil Dice (Lowest Battle Points)
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