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Clash of Clans - Attention Mason

Postby Thunderjaw » Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:04 pm

Well, Mason and anyone else in the Clan... Mason asked this question in game, and typing there sucks... so I came here...

Clash of Clan changes... Why they're bad...

Setting - Let's say you're mid level TH8 (hey, you are!) and you're trying to save for some big upgrades. We'll arbitrarily say you've got 3 Million in both Gold (G) and Elixer (E) and 30,000 in Dark Elixer (DE). As a TH8 14% of your total loot in your storages is available for raiding, plus collector loot. For now we don't care about the amount in the collectors... could be 10%, could be 50%, could be 100%... we don't care. We'll assume you're logging in and emptying collectors constantly.

These numbers are all "PRE PATCH" - A TH8 (or lower) hitting your base qualifies for 100% of your loot... so he can raid 420,000 of G and E and 4200 of DE. That's a pretty good haul. A TH9 would qualify for 90% so he can get 378,000 and 3,780 respectively. Still worth hitting. A TH10 qualifies for 80% so he's getting 336k and 3.3k loot. Nice hauls all around. Plus he'll get whatever he was getting from the "Win Bonus" assuming he got a star.

The patch changed this significantly... a same level or lower TH is still qualifiying for 100% of the 14% of your exposed loot, but the TH9 (+1 level) now only qualifies for 65% according to the numbers that people with more time on their hands have calculated... so now he's only getting 273k of your loot. That's 100k less than before. And he's doing this for the exact same time investment he had previously. Troops don't build any faster. Spells don't build faster. Nothing got cheaper. On top of this he's now only getting a percentage of his "Win Bonus" based on how much damage he did...

Also, unless he's getting a star, he's not "winning" at all. While the amount of damage he needs to do to give you a shield changed (30% compared to 40% previously) the stars are the same. He needs to 51% you to get that win... so if he's barching, he's probably not getting 51%... so he's losing trophies massively. If he is getting 51% he's getting half the win bonus he used to get.

There's a certain amount of effort or friction to a raid. You've got the time it takes to raid, plus the cost of the raid army combined finally with the cost of the nexting to find a target. With the TH sniping removed there's a TON more bases in play, however the vast majority aren't going to be hittable and profitable so you're going to next more and more to find a suitable base.

So it boils down to higher Town Halls now have less loot available, have to spend more to get that loot, and are getting less win bonus as well.

Essentially SuperCell wanted to accomplish the following:

1. Reduce the number of shielded bases and thus increase the number of bases available to raid. They accomplished this... 80% of all raids pre patch according to them were town hall snipes. That means there was a MASSIVE amount of bases sitting behind essentially free shields. Now those bases are there for raiding.

2. Encourage people to hit more even level bases and stop picking on lower levels. That's the logic behind the changes to how much loot higher level THs can get (the 90% to 65% reduction) and also the logic behind the win percent affecting the win bonus payout. The problem there is hitting more even level bases can't be done by simple BARCH, GIBARCH and similar raid compositions. You get absolutely shredded and end up with 30% destruction and nothing to show for it. So you have to spend more on raid armies for less return.

3. Get people to focus more on trophies. Since it's easier to lose, you have to put more effort to maintain status quo and thus you have to concentrate on winning which means bigger armies, more cost, more whatever. The problem here is most folks don't give a damn about trophies. At least most people I know. I've been hanging out in Gold II for the past six months and quite like it there. That's probably not going to be viable for long.

So what does that translate to?

A lot of lower level players sitting in Gold, Silver, etc have reported that it's awesome. If they're not sitting on a ton of resources, they're getting completely ignored and can do whatever they want. Personally since the patch I've been attacked maybe 20 times and all were someone dropping a royal and immediately quitting as they tried to shed trophies. I've been hit for zero loot at all this week. This seems awesome on the flip side, but moving forward, when I start to actually build some banked loot, I imagine I'm going to get wrecked repeatedly. Especially as I start pushing DE up to the 80,000 mark it takes to upgrade a Royal now.

For the higher level players, they're finding that easy money has vanished. There's no TH snipes that give them an auto win bonus, which at high levels can be massive. Now they have to work for a living. But they need bigger armies to hit people with because the percent of win matters now.

So it boils down to the following:

Less money made on a win due to bonus changes
No free money due to TH sniping being removed.
Fewer shields so guys saving big money are getting slaughtered.
Higher Army cost needed to get bigger wins
Higher amount of nexting to find targets.
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