Frostgrave: Open Campaign and Part Time League

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Frostgrave: Open Campaign and Part Time League

Postby Thunderjaw » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:59 pm

Come closer apprentice. I have a gift for you before I pass into the long night. Or perhaps it is a curse. That is for you to decide. If you have the will. Long ago, before the breaking, before the decline, there was greatness. Great men performed great deeds. Feats were accomplished. Songs were sung. Impossible was but a word, at best a challenge indicating a thing to strive for. It was a time of marvels. But slowly the marvels faded and became myths. Those to, in time, became legend, and many were forgotten. Whispers and half truths of things and places almost incomprehensible to mortal minds.

One such whisper was of a city. A glorious city full of magic and wizardy. Of life and death. Order and Chaos. Opportunity and misfortune. Felstad it was called. The most powerful city in history and the center of magical knowledge on this plane and perhaps many others. Lost it was. Lost perhaps to hubris, perhaps to failure. A cataclysmic storm swallowed it locking the inhabitants, treasures, and mysteries behind an impenetrable icy curtain. For thousands of years this storm has raged and eventually the world forgot Felstad. It forgot greatness. Perhaps the fall of Felstad caused our current decline. Or at least fed it. Perhaps not. It is a question without an answer, or at least none that I know.

Why do I speak of this? What purpose does this knowledge of the past serve?

Because my apprentice, it is no longer the past. The storm abates. The way to Felstad lies open again. Or rather the path is opening. But it is not Felstad now. Now it is a tomb. A carrion ruin containing the might of past ages. Frostgrave it has become. And it is your destiny. It falls to you my apprentice, and others like you to seize the power of Frostgrave. To return greatness to this world. You must uncover the powers that were lost. Others gather. They will oppose or thwart you in your endeavours.

Take this gift of knowledge. Explore Frostgrave and make the city your own and in time you will become the most powerful mage of this era.

Welcome to the DorkaMorka Open Frostgrave Campaign and Part Time League.

Campaign Structure and House Rules

The purpose of this Campaign/League is to provide an open and evolving framework for exploring the game of Frostgrave at leisure and to allow for warband growth and experience consistently for all.

I will serve as the GM of this campaign handling item sales, behind the scenes stuff and facilitating the various things that need facilitating in the Frostgrave universe.

Warbands, Broker Services, and other stuff will be tracked in a Google Sheets environment. This sheet can be found:

This thread will be open for Campaign Info and general questions. Rules\FAQ issues will be addressed in a seperate thread.
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