Lightsaber Academy graduate: "I was misled"

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Lightsaber Academy graduate: "I was misled"

Postby NobleSavage » Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:48 pm

Lucasfilm Sues Academy That gives Lightsaber Lessons

The company says it teaches the "core principles" of the Jedi

Disney’s Lucasfilm has sued a company that gives lessons in wielding lightsabers, arguing that it infringes on trademarks.

The defendant, Michael Brown, is named in the complaint as running businesses including Lightsaber Academy, New York Jedi and Thrills and Skills, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Lightsaber Academy professes to teach the “core principles” of the Jedi from the Star Wars franchise, as well as “sport dueling” with lightsabers.

Holt Renfrew, who graduated "with honors" from the Academy, says he was happy with his training, but felt the organization misled him about the real-life applications for his hard-won skills. "I tried to be realistic about it, you know? I asked Jedi Master Brown, 'If I spend all this time perfecting the Kenobi/Skywalker Spin, will it be useful after I graduate?' And he told me it 'absolutely' would. But I graduated over a year ago, and there just aren't any Sith lords to fight. Not one. It's kind of a bummer, really."
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