Did you know?

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Did you know?

Postby stormboy » Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:36 pm

Did you know?
Did you know that the first season of Dorkabowl only had 10 teams? 2 Orc Teams, a Goblin Team, a Lizardman team, a Dwarf team, a Chaos Dwarf team, a Wood Elf team, a Dark Elf team, a human team, and a Skaven team.
Of these original 10, one team has retired and one team has temporarily left the tournament.
Can you name the 10 Original Teams of Dorkabowl lore?

Children of the Falair Downs
Da Tendarizas
Grognak’z Guttaz
K’s Krushers
Midnight Marauders
Sotek’s Slaughterers
The Goober Ballz
Weatherby Fudds
Dcon Devils
Southern Drawl

Did you also know that #14, Da Fasta from Da Tenderizas led the season in Star Player Points with 14? Matching one's uniform number with star player points is a rare feat in a season, Bob!

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