Attention Slacker Coaches!

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Attention Slacker Coaches!

Postby Thunderjaw » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:10 am

Attention Slackass Blood Bowl coaches:

There's a big spot in the bottom center of most all of your rosters that has a big ass question mark on it when printed. Is it wondering if you'll win? Is it questioning if you're a good coach? NO! It's an indictment of your level of "not cool". It's a lack of a logo!

How to get a logo on your roster and stop being hella lame.

1. Go to google image search. Find something appropriate that's around 250x250 (that's pixels, not inches). I think it can actually be a little bigger, but try it anyway. Save it to your system.
2. Go to team management, then find the "ABOUT" tab.
3. Browse to the image you want to upload and upload it. If you're using an older version of IE, then it might not work. Try Chrome or Firefox. If you're really gay, try Safari.
4. Print your roster and bask in the awesomeness that is a team logo!
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