food for thought

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food for thought

Postby Drool_bucket » Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:01 am

So Cody and I tried something new last night and it was a fucking blast!

Basically, instead of playing a "regular" game of BB where we kept track of SPP and played intending to develop our teams, we simply tried "tournament" BB, in the sense that it would be "resurrection" style in which the team would be reset after the game.... so injuries and SPP didn't matter.

We also did the common tourny package of 1.1 mil teams and then assign either: 6 normal skills, 4 normal/1 double or 2 normal/2 double, player pick. No more than one skill per player.

The game was awesome. Not just because there was no sense of impending doom as Cody Cas'd all my players to oblivion, but the game itself is more enjoyable because you don't have to hold back. I played Necro and I was able to use my Werewolves as great players instead of trying to protect them from long term harm. It was very enjoyable because I felt much more likely to do the fun play opposed to the safe play.

anyways, food for thought. I know we are going to move into BB after the Malifaux league, maybe people could try these types of games to play BB?
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