DMBBL organizational ramblings...

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DMBBL organizational ramblings...

Postby Drool_bucket » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:56 am

Hey All,

So as the Fearless Commish for this re-launch of organized play BB league, I just wanted to take a few minutes and put down some of my thoughts and intentions. I am doing this to elicit some dialog from the participating coaches with your own opinions which may or may not sway mine!

I've always viewed the set up of our organized play as having two wings, the League Play and the Free Play. In the past there has always been contention and frustration when the two are allowed to mix and match, mostly steming from the idea that some people could play countless games to make the "best" team (best as in fewest nominal injuries vs. most efficent allocation of SPPs). But it also had to do with some teams laboring under the random MVP and others from a targeted system. Other factors as well. Well it is my intent to move beyond this. As we saw in our last go around, coaches like Jimmy, Cody and Brad played a massive amounts of games and none of them found a team "more broken" than any League team we witnessed. (well, maybe Animal Farm, but that was more about breaking your team than it being broken) Point is, I am not swayed to separate League teams from Open Teams... eventually. This brings us too....

The eventual goal is to get to a point where participating teams in scheduled play will have very few restrictions on them. Notable variances from the rules in favor of more team building friendly approaches (i.e. more money to start, assigned MVPs, injury caps) will certainly limit inclusion, but the reverse is not true. (random MVPs teams, for instance, will be welcome)

But I see this goal as not achievable in a single season, probably not in 2. Instead I am looking to a third season to represent the point where teams will be able to cross over. Instead I imagine second season will have a cap of 12 or 15 games (2 preseason, 6 season, 3 Playoff and then a few more off season). After that, with teams in the 20 games played the system will have begun to work itself out!

Moving on. based upon the spectacular amount of sign ups and the lack of a central location to play, I am going to split the league into regional conferences. With almost 20 coaches expressing interest, and having a few centrally located coaches (Greg and Alex) it only makes sense. The intent here will be to have 4 randomly generated games against your regional opponents and then 2 games against cross-conference equal-ability coaches. What that means is Brad and I will subjectively select coaches based upon their past performances and roughly match them up. It is not a perfect system but it does represent the manner which further scheduled leagues I run will be commished, that match ups will have a "seeding" to them.

Finally, at this time my intent is to host a post-season day at my house. It will be single elimination event (Open Play more than welcome, actually encouraged for you Losers!) with food and beer and fun! This will also let us slide into a new season that much fast, as well as give a lot of us a chance to get together and socialize!

I think this post is more than long enough. I am interesting in hearing your thoughts or questions below!
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Re: DMBBL organizational ramblings...

Postby nick_nameless » Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:37 am

Canton will be a somewhat regularly accessible location for league games.

My wife has class Monday nights.
She is out most Tuesday Nights
She teaches a class Thursday Nights
Ah occasionally goes out Friday nights.

When she is out I am free to host according to my availability. I am very socially active, so last minute requests for venue might not work out, but if there are multiple league games that can be arranged on a particular night I will do my best to accommodate. A lot of my social activity also comes up last minute, so don't be afraid to ask.
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