BB Manager Match Report/Statistic Tables Abbreviations

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BB Manager Match Report/Statistic Tables Abbreviations

Postby Lucyth » Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:51 pm

Reposting in the hopes of it getting stickied.


The Gate = the totaled number of fans attending the match for both teams (see pg. 18 )

Fans = # of Real life people who watched your match..

Score = how many points the teams scored.

[Delta] Treasury = total change in that team's treasury. For example, the Southern Drawl wins 50k, but has 10k in spiralling expenses. The [Delta] Treasury total would be 40k.

Fan factor +/0/- = the result of the fan factor roll-off in the Post-match results (see pg. 29).

Sportsmanship points = not in use, but if a player wants to enter a rating of 1-3 for his opponent, so be it.

Total Team CAS = The total number of casualties your team has inflicted on the opposing team PLUS the number of self-injury or fan-related casualties forced on your opponent. I.E. I've Badly hurt two line rats and killed one. The skaven team also failed two GFI rolls which reseulted in two badly hurting themselves. For the match, my team has a total Team CAS of 5. You enter your total Team CAS in the box for your team.

TV = Team Value for the respective teams.

MVP = Most Valuable Player of the Game

CP = Completions aka "successful Passes"

TD = Touchdowns made

Int = Interceptions made

BH = # of Badly Hurt casualties inflicted by the player

SI = # of Seriously Injured casualties inflicted by the player

KI = # of players killed by the player

IR1 D1/D2 = the 1st Improvement Roll made by the player after the game. D1 and D2 equal the numbers on the first and second dice. If your player has more than one improvement roll for some reason, then use the IR2 D1/D2.

Inj = Injury sustained by player.
- MNG = Missing Next Game
- NI = Niggling Injury
- MA = Movement penalty
- AG = Agility penalty
- ST = Strength penalty
- Dead = Dead

Ageing 1 and Ageing 2 = IGNORE THIS. Leftover rule from 4th ed.


W = Win
D = Draw
L = Loss
GP = Games Played
Win % = what it says.
SW = Winning Streaks
SD = Draw Streaks
SL = Losing Streaks
GF = Goals For
GA = Goals Against
Td = Total Touchdowns for the team
Cp = Completions or "successful Passes"
Int = Interceptions
BH = total # of Badly Hurt casualties inflicted by the team's players
SI = total # of Seriously Injured casualties inflicted by the team's players
KI = total # of players killed by the team's players
tcasf = Total Casualties for the Team
tcasa = Total Casualties against the Team
SMP = Total Sportsmanship points
WT = Won tournaments
ELO = Electric Light Orchestra
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