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Re: DMBBL privileges

Postby nick_nameless » Sat Mar 15, 2014 4:09 pm

DAPatrick wrote:
nick_nameless wrote:Let it be known that I did not fail, I merely made an attempt to get in touch with cody and was giving him a bit of time to respond to me. And seeing as I have been nominated for next season, I was not in a rush to say anything.

That said, If someone needs something done on the DMBBLM site, PM me and I will attend to it as soon as I can.

Look for the next blood bowl season to start in the summer, post 40K league.

This Thursday there was some talk about bloodbowl and how and why it was/is successful. Several of the 'regulars' talked about holding a 'league tournament' at the Eagles on a Saturday. A 3 or 4 game ONE DAY bracketed Tournament using league teams in which it is essentially a play-off bracket determined, played, and updated on the spot where you play your DMBBL developed teams in a tournament setting on a Saturday and it is a one and done sort of thing, so everyone is there, everyone plays and once it is done we don't have to sit around and wait MONTHS for someone else to play the game.

Would there be any interest in this? I know we have to settle the current season, but this might be a good way to drum up interest in an inter-season play without anything being too serious or too much of a commitment and hopefully without the stupid delays which have happened EVERY season near playoff's.

I'm just throwing this idea out there. If there is interest I can arrange an internet connection, computer and printer for the weekend so we can print everything out and it might be a good way for some newer players to develop their team, get some SPP's and whatnot.

If this were to happen, the idea wouldn't be to randomly match up teams so that a fully developed team meets a totally new 1000k team, I guess initial seeding would be determined based upon the following criteria:

1. Call outs - you got an asshole you want to fuck up? Call them out in the first round and if they accept, you two punch each other's shit it.
2. Gruge matches - Have you ever wanted to see just what K's Krushers would do to The Screaming Balls? Well today is your lucky day! You nominate games and the commish arranges *some* of them.
3. Team/Coach standings - Good teams face good teams, seasoned coaches face season coaches.
4. Team value - so new teams don't get destroyed, they can play development games.

I haven't done any begging or the usual coercion tactics which seem necessary to get something to happen in DM lately, I am just relaying an idea which was set forth. I haven't talked to Jim about this or any of the 4 commissioners that we currently have. Jim, I don't mean to step on any toes with this, I see it as something which could easily be done in conjunction with the start to a league, but could also be done once the new summer league is over, or even just used as a way to develop your team in a sort of competative, but mainly fun sort of full day event.

Is there interest in this?

I put up a similar event last year, hosted at my house. It got a luke warm reception and was not well attended.

I would do something similar again, as long as there was some enthusiasm to back it up. If there was enough interest I would do it at the Eagles, but otherwise I have enough room for 4-5 matches to be played at once. The upside to having it hosted is no door fee.

Last time it was a resurrection tournament. The idea was to let people throw down with their developed teams, see how they did, but not have fear of getting their teams wrecked. If the BB coaches wanted something that was developmental, kind of like a preseason tourney, I would not mind doing that either.

Let's talk more about it. I am really just coming around to having some availability.
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Re: DMBBL privileges

Postby Zhent » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:04 pm

Since I'm not sure anyone has managed to not laugh when I say I'm bringing a nurgle team with one game under its belt, I would be happy to get some pre-season games in. Or re-learn how to play, or both.
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Re: DMBBL privileges

Postby DAPatrick » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:23 pm

Zhent wrote:Since I'm not sure anyone has managed to not laugh when I say I'm bringing a nurgle team with one game under its belt, I would be happy to get some pre-season games in. Or re-learn how to play, or both.

If you are serious about learning and want to start out, you shouldn't have any problems filling in a few games to get some development. Each of the 'serious' and prolific coaches have a team (or two, or three) which they don't give a shit about and which suck (my goblin team for example) People are generally happy to throw an easy game or two your way to start off with, or work a new team out to get some experience in. If you request matches, don't expect everyone to instantly want to play their most developed team against yours to just get some cheap and easy development. In fact, I would be surprised if anyone around here trys to do that.

Not right now, but at some point I'll play you with one of my lower ranked teams to get you a few games in before the season.
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Re: DMBBL privileges

Postby Thunderjaw » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:31 pm

Chris... I'd be more than happy to give you some games... I've got a couple or three teams out there. :)
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Re: DMBBL privileges

Postby Brutal Legend » Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:33 pm

I enjoy playing blood bowl and would support any reboot of the league and any one-day event. I think with a commish, a vice commish, and a commish emeritus, the league has a really good chance to avoid any stallouts or temporary stagnation in the future. This of course is provided we follow our own rules.

We did have rules for league play and they were posted prior to the league starting. For some reason, they were not followed. Everyone needs to remain consistent about the rules, not because someone has to be the "mean guy", but because without those guidelines the league becomes a massive train wreck. In most cases they are just forfeits anyways which IS NOT the end of the world, especially if you find yourself unable to schedule the game, and then scheduled matches can continue.
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