[Malifaux] Barbaros is 40mm (i.e. Wyrd FAQ for M2E)

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[Malifaux] Barbaros is 40mm (i.e. Wyrd FAQ for M2E)

Postby PeregrineFalcon » Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:21 pm

FYI, there is an error on the Nephilim Barbaros which comes with the M2E Lilith box set. For anyone who bought her box recently, he is suppose to be on a 40mm base, see below about how they intend to handle future rules issues...

Wyrd has decided to change their philosophy on official rules and errata notices. They will be doing a semi-monthly FAQ update to address any issues with rules, or misprints of rules on cards, etc.

The official post can be found here.
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