Monday Malifaux Madness in Reading

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Monday Malifaux Madness in Reading

Postby Drool_bucket » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:23 am

So I guess some of you degenerates have Monday off from your usual schedule. I have it off because I am on a rotating schedule.

Let's have my awesomeness collide with your good luck and play some Malifaux in my basement on Columbus Day!

noon arrival and we can play for a long time, into dinner. I have nothing on my schedule and my family has just decided to go apple picking so we can swear at will!

I have two tables of terrain at my house. I can put down a third one as well. Point being, bring terrain if you got some,. but don't go crazy.

Fair Game Fridge will be open. I'll do simple snacks and we can group order some food at some point.

Just LMK if you are coming so we can have game match ups.

And fwiw I invited the Manchester Malifaux crowd down as well for possible cross pollination, as well as the Amesbury crew.
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